Caroline Westoll

Nutritional Therapist, Iridologist

& Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

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Nutrition & Wellbeing Practitioner

BSc Nut Med, Dip Irid

Ultimate Home & Diet Cleanse

Over the years it has become apparent to me that we are intrinsically connected to our surroundings, not just to nature but to our immediate environment – our HOME. Our inner wellbeing and health is linked to the external manifestation of our house.  If you have a cluttered mind you will generally have a cluttered house.  If you use toxic chemicals to clean then these accumulate in the body creating health challenges.  Struggling to find anything due to mess can lead to frustration and time wasting looking for items.  The health of our being is interlinked to the space that we create around us and the flow of energy.


Through working with clients to encourage decluttering of their house, creation of a peaceful sleeping area, choosing healthy food & cleaning options in the kitchen and also decluttering their diets has led to profound changes.  Manifesting greater happiness, a feeling of lightness, ease and taking control of the path their life is on. By eating more healthily, sleeping more soundly and being surrounded by the things that give you joy in life is so much easier.


This is a very comprehensive, deep programme which can take a few months and involves decluttering your space, reducing your toxic impact on yourself and the environment, revamping your diet & and working closely with you to attain your desired health goals.


£1275 for the 180 day programme


To book on this programme, download the application/health form HERE and email your completed form to