Caroline Westoll

Nutritional Therapist, Iridologist

& Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

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Nutrition & Wellbeing Practitioner

BSc Nut Med, Dip Irid


I was blessed to have an Access Consciousness Bars session with Caroline. It was hugely relaxing. She held the space amazingly and supported the work gently. I relaxed very deeply - a surprise to me! The work helps to release energy blocks but the touch is subtle but profound. I can report I have had a positive shift and the work is continuing! THANK YOU CAROLINE for the healing gift x

SY, Sussex


I have done a number of cleanses with Caroline, felt better after all of them and changed what I ate.

Recently I had an illness and was prescribed steroids. Doing the research I realised I had a better chance of recovery if I took them. I was concerned but because of Caroline's cleanses I knew what food to eat, what to juice to minimise the impact of the steroids on my system. She is a gentle encouraging gem and I am so very grateful to her, her knowledge and experience.

JM, London


I would recommend Caroline to provide excellent guidance in nutrition and in emotional support, particularly through Access Consciousness Bars. She is non-judgemental, calm and very considered in her approach.

CG, Surrey


I consulted Caroline about the fact I had recently been diagnosed anaemic and had low energy levels. She gave me simple suggestions of dietary changes which were easy to implement and didn’t require a drastic change in lifestyle.  Caroline was non-judgemental and therefore I was able to be honest with her about my eating habits, without feeling embarrassed.  I feel that Caroline’s advice has made a real difference to how much energy I have on an everyday basis and has given me the confidence to choose a diet that is healthy for me.

CM, Sussex


I decided to seek Caroline's professional help after feeling emotionally and physically run down and depleted following a particularly stressful year.  After a thorough iridology diagnosis and nutrition analysis she communicated her findings in a clear and concise way, and put me on a protocol that was easy to fit into my daily life.  I felt the benefits after a surprisingly short time and am definitely feeling much stronger both physically and emotionally.  I recommend Caroline wholeheartedly.  Not only that, she is a vision of blooming health and a wonderful advert for her craft!

ME, Sussex


I had a superbly relaxing treatment from Caroline Westoll. So calming. Caroline is calmness itself espousing a tranquil lifestyle which radiates from her so I felt calmed even before the treatment began. My only regret is how fast can an hour go!! And the calmness has stayed with me. Strongly recommend you take a moment to have peace which lasts in our busy world.

FB, Kent


Thanks to Caroline for an amazing Access Consciuosness Bars session! I had never heard of it before...I have not felt this relaxed for a LONG time!! Xxxx

KH, Surrey