Caroline Westoll

Nutritional Therapist, Iridologist

& Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

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Nutrition & Wellbeing Practitioner

BSc Nut Med, Dip Irid

Gentle Guided Cleanse

The equinoxes & solstices are naturally potent times of the year to cleanse and detox the body.  These times are when nature provides foods that are supportive and nourishing, yet detoxing at the same time. To harness this power, in March, June, September & December, I run guided cleanses and detoxes in a closed Facebook group and via skype that enables cleansers from all over the world to have an intestinal and dietary clear out.  


It's a great opportunity to return to a healthy way of nourishing and supporting your body. A TIME TO PRESS RESTART. Becoming more mindful of what you eat, when you eat, and how you eat. Boosting your digestive powers and absorption abilities.  We all need a kick start now and then to get back on track to a healthier lifestlye, to be inspired to try new recipes, and shed old habits that are not serving our balance and wellbeing.  


The cleanse and detox programme will last 30 days but during that time old, compacted waste and toxins will be removed from your intestines and body leaving you feeling lighter, healthier and happier at the end of the cleanse.  Your blood sugar levels will stabilise, you should sleep better and have more energy.  


There will be a core 10 day period for cleansing the colon in the middle of the programme, and either side of that you will recieve a tailored and bespoke programme that fits your individual needs. There will be a pre- & post-cleanse 30 minute chat as well as weekly catch up chats to make sure you are on track to meet your goals.  In addition there will be frequent updates and information sent to you so you can full understand what is going on with your body.  All this for just £195 investment!


To book on this cleanse, download the application/health form HERE and email your completed form to