Caroline Westoll

Nutritional Therapist, Iridologist

& Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

Telephone 0787 6757339 | Email


Nutrition & Wellbeing Practitioner

BSc Nut Med, Dip Irid


Over the years I've realised that a one off consultation does not help you get to the root cause of your issues and help manifest long lasting change.  Through working together for a longer period of time (see 'Programmes' section), and having weekly contact, helps manifest the health changes that you crave.  As part of any programme you will have an initial nutrition consultation which takes around 60-90 minutes. During this time we will go through your health history, your current health issues, your diet and lifestyle.  This will enable us to come up with a simple but very effective treatment plan for you, working on dietary shifts, lifestyle changes and, sometimes, a short course of supplementation.  Please bring any medication and/or supplements with you to the session as I do prefer to do this face to face, although skype or facetime is also possible.


It is helpful, if there is time, for you to fill in a 4 day food diary as honestly as possible before we meet. Please down load this here -


This is a diagnostic session where a lense is used to look at your iris.  If you normally wear contact lenses please could you have your glasses on instead for the 90 minute session.

Access Consciouness Bars

A Bars session usually takes around 60-75 minutes.  Afterwards, you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage and it may change your whole life into something greater with total ease.    


Mini-treatments can be done, so you can get an idea of what an Access Consciousness Bars session is like. These range from £25 upwards.

Acute Symptom help (20 min call) £15


30 Day programme £195

60 Day Programme £625

90 Day Programme £1275


Iridology Consultation £60

Access Consciousness Bars £75

CBD Oil/Drug Interaction Consultation £40 - please complete this form prior to consultation


Consultations are held in either Forest Row (either Gaia Natural Health or Anderida) and Vitality Health & Wellbeing, Crowborough


Skype & telephone consultations also available.

Treatment Cost & Location